Friday, December 8, 2023

Imps Under Threat

Thurrock mum Sara Manley is angry. And so she should be. Her 11 year old son Dominic is part of the fantastic IMPS motorcycle team and totally proud of it. It gives him and all his team mates a discipline, a purpose and direction.

If you haven’t seen the IMPS, at the Orsett Show or indeed the Edinburgh tattoo, before then when you do you can’t fail to be impressed. Their display is highly coordinated and at times downright scary. But these boys and girls love it and the support teams which include mums and dads work hard to make sure everything is alright on the night.

And guess what? The whole thing is under threat. The fantastic green lower emission tax means that every time their ancient coach or lorry leave their A13 depot they have to pay Boris, a trouser busting £200. Doesn’t seem fair does it? They only leave base once a week, hardly enough to melt an icecap, allegedly.

Their father and founder for 40 years is Ray Pratt. Holder of an MBE he’s crossed many obstacles over the years but this one may have him stumped.

yourthurrock went along to their 2009 season launch


  1. Such a shame to hear about the IMPS being under threat due to the crazy taxes that are now in place in the capital city, maybe these corrupt MP’s could put their hands into their pockets and use some of their ill gotten Expenses and help this community based group out.


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