Monday, September 25, 2023


A SENIOR Thurrock Tory Councillor has dismissed the alleged minutes of a Tory Group meeting as “wrong”.

Former Portfolio Holder for Diversity Barry Johnson declared that he had very little recollection of the meeting but had seen the “real”minutes of the meeting which he asserted did not include any discussion of a BNP/Tory electoral pact.

YourThurrock challenged Cllr Johnson to produce the “real” minutes but he refused.

Cllr Johnson agreed to the interview as Tory Boss, Council Leader Garry Hague refused to answer communications and Deputy Leader Amanda Arnold was “unavailable at this present time”.

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  1. Poor old Barry’s body language is rather telling. Folded arms – very guarded over what he’s saying – uncomfortable with the interviewer.

    Amazing how much more powerful a video interview can be over a few lines in the paper.

    Imagine that? He can’t recall any of those comments from one of his own councillors – who’d of thought eh ?

    Personally I’m sure somebody faked the minutes of the meeting – I mean come on everybody does that right ? I mean if they have time to fiddle their expenses then what’s a few minutes here and there.

    The Tories are a “forward looking party” – why dig up the past like such trivialities as expenses and the BNP? He;s right It’s sheer madness. It would be like trying to track down a despot for war crimes he conducted years ago. Much better to let that sort of thing wash under the bridge and move on eh ?

    Just a case of selective re-call methinks…


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