Saturday, June 22, 2024

Bejou Productions

Bejou Productions opened the first night of the Thurrock Drama Festival with the intense and challenging “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” by Frank McGuinness.

Chronicling the internment in Lebanon of an englishman, irishman and american the play highlights the highs and lows of the three men often surviving by role play and feeding off each other.

Anyone who has read the memoirs of Brian Keenan will know where this play is heading.

The characters are deeply etched and it pays tribute to the three actors: James Adams. David Streames and Richard Foster that they are equal to the task and more. Their characterisations are so vivid that the images of Pear Flan, Peterborough and Vodka Martini’s stand out even now.

This must have been exhausting as there is tremendous amount of nervous energy fused between the three men.

The play works on several levels from base humour to a working knowledge of hiberno-english.

It is again a credit to Director John White that he gets so much from his actors.

This will be hard to beat come awards night on Saturday.


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