MP Slams “Humiliated” Tories

MP ANGELA SMITH has joined a host of other groups in slamming the Thurrock Tories over their handling of the BNP in Thurrock.

The South Basildon and East Thurrock MP has been a fierce critic of the BNP for many years and in this interview slams the Tories, warning them regarding letting the BNP have an inordinate amount of power.

In the interview Ms Smith slams the Tories for:
“Pandering to the BNP”
“Tories accepted BNP Councillors lifeline…the only place in the country where that would be accepted.”
“If I was a Thurrock Tory I would be embarrassed and humiliated”.

So this piece makes sense you can see below the original interview with Cllr Hipsey as well as the rebuttal by Tory Councillor Barry Johnson who claims that the minutes which discuss “Allowing the BNP to win” are a fake.

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