Thursday, December 7, 2023

Standing Ovation for Youngsters

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

StageAbility Actors School

Review by Lisa Chapman

For those familiar with this Willy Russell play you will know the story. Young mother from Liverpool, husband long gone, financially strapped, falls pregnant with twins to add to already large family, sells one of the babies to wealthy lady, no-one will ever be the wiser, you know the rest.

This was always going to be good the minute talented young Rebecca Huish playing “the mother” stepped out into the spotlight and began to sing, although this was the only song in this particular production.

The interaction between the two mothers (Mrs Lyons was played convincingly by Amy Taylor) was spot-on but the icing on the cake was the appearance of Casey Khan-Cudmore as 7 year old (nearly 8) Mickey and then Zak Bailess as Eddie, his twin brother .

These were two very different but polished performances. The transition through time during this production was clever and was helped along by four very capable narrators who themselves slipped in and out of small roles to help with the storytelling.

The cast breezed through the age changes and the introduction of adolescence with the re-appearance of a now grown-up love interest Linda, beautifully portrayed by Rebecca McPherson, added even more sparkle to this play.

The second act was very convincing with the cast constantly maturing and settling into their roles and the ending, as always, did not fail to shock. The cast took their bows to a standing ovation, although sadly the theatre was less than a quarter full, and there was not a dry eye in the house.

Hats off to Director Gary Sullivan and his wonderful young actors (all aged under 18) for a very entertaining evening. A few awards should be well within their reach.

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