Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tory Calls For Election

Stephen Metcalfe, Prospective Member of Parliament for South Basildon & East Thurrock is calling on the Prime Minister to “Let the People Decide”.

Stephen said: “Across Basildon District the voters have spoken. With all five County Divisions now held by the Conservatives the voters are sending a message to Mr Brown – “enough is enough the time for change is now”.

“Results across Essex show Labour are a spent force and for the Government to have any legitimacy Mr Brown must call a General Election as soon as possible.”

“As I met more and more people on the doorstep across the district, the same issues come up time and time again – the need to clean up and reform our politics as well as issues surrounding the rising cost of living; the growing burden of Government debt that each and everyone of us now carry and rising unemployment; The changing face of our country; the absurd PC culture, the lack of Police on our streets; poor discipline in our schools; and doctors and nurses out numbered by Managers and Administrators – something has to change.”

“I believe it is time to call a halt to this discredited, arrogant and incompetent Government. I believe the Prime Minister should let the people decide the future direction of Great Britain and call a General Election. It is time people had an opportunity to show at the ballot box how fed up they really are with Mr Brown, his directionless party and our broken politics – Come on Mr Brown, have some courage and call that election!”

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