Saturday, December 2, 2023

“Voices” Mute Reception

By Michael Casey

In 2007, this reviewer had the pleasure of seeing Circle of Life by the Lightnin’ Drama Group. It was a five star review of a play that swept the awards. So, two years later, I was really looking forward to seeing another Sue Ospreay production.

“Voices” dealt with some major topics such as rape, violence and crime. The sets were excellent, the use of music was finely tuned and the costumes vivid. You could also see that a lot of hard work went into this show.

Unfortunately, what they produced could only be described as morose, foul-mouthed, pretentious nonsense. The play lacked a focal point with no pivotal role in the play.

The roles were intense but the actresses had bitten off more than they could chew and were simply out of their depth apart from Jemma Georgiou playing Kelly who brought variation to her role and deservedly won an award.

The audience were uncomfortable, some walked out as the play lost its way with interminable shouty dialogue.

Sometimes you just get it wrong. Form is temporary and class is permanent. I look forward to the next piece from Lightnin’ Drama.

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