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Mt Snowdon

By Lucy Chipperfield

The question was simple. ‘Would you like to climb Mt Snowdon?’ My answer was even simpler. ‘Yes’. And that my Anti-Mood Hoovering chums is how I found myself spontaneously scrambling up Mt Snowdon!

Accompanied by 3 Peak challengers Danny Cox and John Stevenson, we arrived at Mt Snowdon on a very dreary Welsh morning. The weather forecast had forewarned us of ‘heavy and persistent showers’. However, always the optimist, I remained confident that the sun would break through the clouds just as we began toddling along the gentle inclines of the Pyg Track absorbing the stunning scenery of Snowdonia.

Our walk started off extremely well. The ground was flat, the rain had eased, the views were amazing, and our ‘Fascinating Facts about Mt Snowdon’ game was proving to be endlessly fascinating.

As we meandered our way along the rugged track I couldn’t help but notice how lovely trekkers were being. Every time we passed an approaching trekker, a polite ‘hello’ and smile would be exchanged. At first I thought it was just an odd coincidence, and that somehow Danny and John already knew these people. However, I began to notice that every trekker that passed by exchanged a polite ‘hello’ and smile. No doubt Danny and John are very popular men. Nevertheless, I found it hard to believe that all of their friends had descended upon Mt Snowdon on the same day. I suddenly realised that Danny and John didn’t know these trekkers anymore than I did. Instead these trekking strangers were genuinely being friendly. This revelation is why I now refer to trekkers as ‘trek-awws’. Of course, there were a few ‘trek-erghs’ who decided to run past me, hogging the rocks as they went. Then again they weren’t around for long, and I had a bigger challenge ahead of me that needed all of my energy and concentration.

The ground slowly began to creep onwards and upwards, until we reached the point that “those in the know” considered a “steady incline”. At this point I would like you to point your arm upwards and then lower it forwards by about 4cm. Now, take a look at the angle of your arm and tell me whether you consider that to be a ‘steady incline’?! I didn’t think so either.

By this point the weather had worsened. Not one to complain (much), I took a generous bite of my chocolate Boost bar, flipped the hood of my flamingo cagoule up, selected The Proclaimers track, ‘500 miles’, on my IPod and I began the uphill scramble.

Higher and higher and higher we climbed. With each step, the weather turned nastier, the incline grew steeper, the path became dangerously rugged and my smile was strained.

And then, after what felt like a century trudging through the clouds, there it was. The summit! We had made it! We may have been accompanied by storm-like winds and freezing temperatures, but nevertheless, we had blimming well climbed Mt Snowdon! My only thought now was how we were going to get down.

What started out as just a spontaneous decision turned into a truly amazing experience and one I will never forget. Mood Hoovers, unsurprisingly doubted my crazy decision. I was constantly being told, ‘you’re not really doing it are you? You haven’t done any training! You won’t be able to make it’. Admittedly, I was more concerned about buying a flower for my hair than wearing in my hiking boots. Then again, I still did it! And, if that teaches anyone anything it is, if you want to achieve something you will, regardless of how many hurdles Mood Hoovers want to place in your way. It sounds awfully clichéd, but it is true! The sky is the limit and it’s about time we stopped questioning our abilities and ambitions and just go for it!

Special thanks to Danny and John for letting me tag along on their Mt Snowdon training day!

The best news is that they successfully completed their 3 Peaks Challenge last weekend in a brilliant time of 22 hours and 58 minutes. All of the money they have raised will be donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind and Little Havens Hospice. Further donations are welcome!

Congratulations Danny and John!!

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