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Palmer’s: Birds Do It!

‘Birds do it, Bees do it’

Review by Lucy Chipperfield

Co-written and produced by Samantha Sorrell and Carmel Barrett, ‘Birds do it, Bees do it’ is an outstanding show which revolves around extremely delicate and serious social and emotional issues.

Themes such as single parenthood, alcohol, isolation, drugs and rape were a few of the examples woven within this sensitive narrative.

Admittedly, my initial opinions of the impending show’s taboo-like storylines did make me a little apprehensive. However, as soon as the show started I was completely absorbed and overwhelmed by how well these themes had been considered and were being portrayed on stage.

The sheer complexity of the intertwining narrative and the courageous choice of narrative themes were simply exceptional.

Praise also has to go to the show’s talented and charismatic cast. It was staggering how well these young students interpreted and portrayed the serious issues. Their powerful and realistic performances were remarkable. It may have been their last performance as Palmers’ students, but I strongly believe big futures lay ahead for each and every one of these talented and professional performers, and I wish them all the best of luck!

‘Birds do it, Bees do it’ was a brilliantly written, produced and executed show. Its ability to combine serious and sensitive issues with humour and charm was outstanding. I can only wait and see what the Class of 2010 produce!

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