Monday, September 25, 2023

“Disgusting” Thurrock Media Blasted By Councillor

A TOP Tory Councillor branded the Thurrock media “disgusting” in an astonishing outburst at a session of Thurrock Council Cabinet meeting tonight (Wednesday).

Chafford Councillor Neil Rockcliffe made the remarks as the Cabinet discussed the progress of the Council’s Improvement Plan, initiated after the damning “Direction of Travel” report by the Audit Commission which placed Thurrock Council in the bottom six councils in the country.

Cllr Rockcliffe said: “It is important that the good work that is done by Thurrock Council is seen and recognised but the media seems to concentrate on putting us down concentrating on bad news.

“I find the press coverage in the media nothing short of disgusting.”

Cllr Rockcliffe did not go into specifics. His colleagues nodded in agreement.

The comments will do nothing to allay fears by staff at local papers that their jobs may be at risk should the council decide to run their own newspaper.

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  1. Boo Hoo It’s all the fault of the rotten free press, that’s why the Tories want their own propaganda sheet.

    It is a great shame Thurrock Tories simply don’t get or understand the concept of Free Speech or value the importance of the Free Press

  2. Typical response from a Labour Councillor, All for freedom of press unless it is against them, boys and toys come to mind, it is time that all parties started working for the people that put them there instead of trying to point score all the time, blimey the Labour national government have ballsed up as much as the Tories and the electorate are still paying for it.


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