Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Business Rents in Thurrock

Paul’s Dry Cleaners in South Ockendon is a typical small business in Thurrock. Established a few years ago, Paul’s personal service and professional touch has been a key part of keeping business alive in Canterbury Parade, South Ockendon but hikes in rents have been crippling Paul and like many businesses in Thurrock he could be facing extinction.

Help has come in the form of Ockendon Councillor Barrie Lawrence. Cllr Lawrence has been engaged in a two month correspondence with Council Leader Garry Hague. Unfortunately, there is starting to be a pattern with Cllr Hague where he appears to say “I’ll get back to you” and hopes that stalling tactic will work.

The challenge for Cllr Hague is clear. He has an experienced dynamic Interim Chief Executive in Bob Coomber and a more than capable and ambitious Deputy Leader Amanda Arnold. Both deal in specifics. This is no time to be vague Cllr Hague.


  1. So lets be straight then Paul’s Dry Cleaners has paid exactly the same rent for the past six years (2003?), he says his rent review should have been last year, and rents are reviewed every five years!

    Wow I wish my rent had remained the same for six years – my landlord increases my rent every year.

    No wonder he is complaining now he is being asked to pay the 2008 (not 2009) rent level having paid the same rent from 2003.


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