Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Seaxe and Sorcery

Amidst the hubub of 80’s star Paul Young opening the St Joseph’s Primary Fete was a host of fascinating stalls. Not least of which was Seaxe and Sorcery. YourThurrock spoke to Gary Bates who was a striking sight in his medieval garb.

Seaxe & Sorcery has been running as a group since 1986, starting as a school club they were a group of young men and women all looking for a hobby that they could participate in with other people who shared their love for the fantastic and the magical.

Today they cover a wide variety of disciplines, including tabletop and live action role play, fantasy and historical war-gaming and their membership has grown from 6 at it’s inception through to about 25 regular players on tabletop nights and between 40 and 60 on some of our live role-play and re-enactment events.

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