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Health Chief’s Praise for Thurrock

A TOP Government civil servant who visited Thurrock Council on Friday (10 July) was so impressed with what he saw he wants other authorities to learn from this best practice.

John Bolton, the Director of Strategic Finance at the Department of Health, had asked to come to Thurrock after hearing about its vision for adult social care and how it is being delivered.

Neil Woodbridge, Thurrock’s Service Manager Provider Social Care and Health (Adults), escorted Mr Bolton to several of the council’s locality bases and introduced him to Council staff as well as some of our homecare providers.

He said: “Mr Bolton had heard about the way we in Thurrock are putting the people who receive our services at the centre of our process and during his visit he had a chance to see for himself how we put people in control and enable them to exercise as much choice as possible.

“He saw how our individual support plans worked; how we are getting away from centralised services to locality bases in people’s communities where people can work to their own outcomes.

“He also spoke with some of the people who have benefited from the way we have modernised our services by putting people first.”

Mr Bolton also met the Directors of Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions Community Interest Company – a group of disabled people who have established their own independent social enterprise with support from the council and are hoping to take control of their services.

Mr Bolton said: “Thurrock has done something unique and fantastic, very few councils have achieved the understanding of outcomes based commissioning as you have.”

He added: “Your model of day services for learning disability is the best I have seen”, adding that Thurrock’s model for day services is a “model for the country which I want others to learn from”.

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  1. Confused? Thurrock Council is a failing laughing stock according to Councilor Kent and Morris, yet here we have a Government top civil servant praising Thurrock Council and calling for it to be a role model for the rest of the country!


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