Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Homeless Strategy Blasted

A LEADING EXPERT on homelessness in the borough has slammed a Thurrock Council Homelessness report as unprofessional, unfocused and unrepresentative of professional opinion on homelessness in the borough.

Manager of Thurrock Citizens Advice Bureau, Mike Rawlings has made a series of withering criticisms that questions whether the under-fire council is able to cope with the demands of homelessness which has been heightened as the recession bites.

His comments come as the Voluntary Sector has sent a written response to the Council which some has interpreted as a “vote of no confidence” by the Thurrock Voluntary Sector in Thurrock Council.

The Housing Department recently tumbled from a 4 star to 2 star in a short period of time.

Among the criticisms made by the Voluntary review are:

1. Lack of consultation

2. No reference to the Housing Department’s performance under the Audit Commission CPA and no recognition of the fact that its service has gone from 4 stars to 2, in a short period of time.

3. No reference to where it works with other vital groups such as the Local Strategic Partnership.

4. Evidence from key groups not woven into main fabric of report.

5. Lack of engagement with equality groups.

6. Mis-interpreted key government reports.

7. Statements made without evidence.

8. Inadequate councillor consultation.

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