Thursday, July 18, 2024

Spotty Bus Success

More than 800 children in South West Essex were given the MMR vaccine after visiting a ‘spotty bus’.

The mobile immunisation clinic has toured local schools, supermarkets and town centres over the last two months.

The ‘spotty bus’ was part of NHS South West Essex’s drive to increase take-up of the MMR vaccine and was designed to encourage the parents of thousands of unimmunised children to get their child protected.

It follows an outbreak of mumps at Billericay School and outbreaks of measles across the region.

Dr Katherine Gronqvist, Director of Public Health at NHS South West Essex, says: “By taking this immunisation clinic out on the streets of South West Essex, we have made it even easier to have the MMR vaccination. We have also reached people who may not have taken their child to a GP to have the immunisation.

“Parents and children didn’t need to book an appointment and could just turn up at the bus while at school, shopping or passing by.

“Now, 800 more children are protected against these three infections, which can be serious.”

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