Thurrock BNP Nazi Links Exposed

A REPORT by the Centre for Central Cohesion has highlighted the links between Nazi themes and the BNP.

The Director of the Centre, Douglas Murray wants the findings of the investigation to be measured against the “growing legitimacy” of the BNP.

He said: “In building awareness of these growing – and growingly violent – extremes, we at the Centre for Social Cohesion again hope to alert the government and public to a problem on the basis that only by knowing about the enemies of liberal democracy can its supporters defend themselves and indeed, it must be hoped, eventually defeat those enemies.”

The report makes specific reference to the Official YouTube Channels of the Thurrock BNP Branch.

The report refers to a speech delivered to a Thurrock branch meeting by Richard
Edmonds, along with videos featuring a song by the lead singer of the neo-Nazi band
Skrewdriver, Ian Stewart Donaldson and a song by Stigger, also a Skrewdriver member.

Thurrock BNP branch has also uploaded the music video for a song called ‘Triumph of the Will’ by the openly Nazi American band ‘Battlecry’.

The report states: “This is in keeping with the BNP‟s record of publicising modern Nazi music.

“Until recently the BNP website was selling a song recorded especially for the party by Battlecry, despite the band’s undeniable immersion in the international neo-Nazi subculture and the blatant references to Nazism in their lyrics and song

The Battlecry video on the official Thurrock BNP YouTube channel features scenes of the band performing in a studio, interspersed with photos and slogans of various ‘white nationalist’.

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