Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Grays Firefighter hangs up his Boots

It’s a huge decision for some of us. The thought of retirement can for some ,fill us with dread or for others they can’t wait util the golden day. For Martin (Charlie) Crane it was a big decision. His elder peers had often advised him to go. He was a fully paid up member of the pension scheme , he had qualified to go after 31 years service so why stay. Martin adored the job though, he always had, and to walk took a lot of thinking.

Recently though I think he just had enough. Not the firefighting but the everyday politics of being a British firefighter. All over the country firefighters in many different brigades are in some sort of dispute with their fire authorities. The arguments may differ from region to region but basically they involve cost cutting.

Sad really because I think Martin would have stayed. He served the community and now he moves on. Enjoy your retirement.

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