Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Milk Museum

I’ll bet you a bottle of gold top that you didn’t know that Thurrock has a milk museum. No thought so.

Well its in Paul Luke’s garage in a quiet part of Stanford and he is very very proud of it. Not only is Paul curator/owner of the 9000 plus bottles but he also edits milk bottle top news www.milkbottlenews.org.uk

Their proudest moment was when they were the guest publication on the BBC’s “Have I got News for You”

And yes they were ridiculed but Paul doesn’t mind. He’s been collecting since he was nine and you must feel for long suffering wife Lisa who must look forward to strangers tramping through her house.

But this is the stuff of passion and here’s a man who loves his hobby. He’s not alone . There are other collectors all over the country and since the introduction of Ebay bottles attract serious money.

Next time you stoop to pick up your daily pint of f the doorstep check the label ,it might interest Paul

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