Thursday, April 18, 2024

Colin’s Blog: Dentists

Before coming back to university, I have had to go through all the usual things of going to the doctors and the dentists to check
everything is fine. But one thing that has bothered me is the cost of dental treatment and prescriptions and although I have applied for help through all the possible avenues, little has been given to help me, which is really annoying.

I went through all the forms and so forth, and of course they ask for wage slips from work.

It did take some time to finally get things done and it came back that I couldn’t get much help, apart from if I had to have major dental work done (touch wood nothing does happen but now I have said something it
will probably happen) and all because I earn around 50 pound a week that makes me ineligible for much help.

Alright, the job helps with food, rent and the occasional drink but with prescriptions charges at £7.20 and dentist checks ups a good £20
at least, it is not cheap being a student with asthma, and when you
need two pumps as well it is a regular extra cost that I feel I shouldn’t have to pay.

All the dentists and doctors I have spoken to feel it is ridiculous and the system lets down everyone that it actually need help and acts
as yet another hindrance. But there we go, another cost for another poor student, get your violin strings going!


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