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BNP/Tory “Pact”: Run But You Cannot Hide….?

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FORMER TORY Chair Kay Hipsey has gone on record that one of the main reasons why she could no longer be a member of the Thurrock Tories is that many of her colleagues would be prepared to see the BNP win in order to prevent Labour gain control of Thurrock.

It is simply a subject that will not go away.

Below is an interview with Cllr Barry Johnson that I conducted in May 2009 on that very matter.

At the end of the interview as i packed away, Barry shook our hand and said: “Well Michael, sorry you had a wasted journey”

Hold on a second…that’s a Colombo moment….you know..When Colombo goes to visit the mansion house of the person who you will eventually find out committed the deadly deed. They give Colombo a cup of tea and then explain that at the time of the murder they were at the opera with 72 friends. As they show Colombo out, they always say in a patronising way.”Well Lieutenant, I’m sorry you had a wasted journey.”


It does seem an irony that as Chief Executive Bob Coomber is steadying the ship and putting together a formidable team of senior officers; as The Sun withdraws its backing for the Labour Party; and as David Cameron’s Conservative Party head towards an expected victory in May that the Thurrock Tories are managing to implode.

We understand that many experienced Tories have been disaffected as they have found out that they have been rejected for ward seats in favour of “kids”. “You win nothing with kids……….”

We understand that a sub-group of ex-councillors and councillors dubbed the Ikea 6 meet regularly as “The Thurrock Conservative Association tell us nothing.”

That one Tory Councillor is close to breaking point, (stuttering at a recent meeting and falling asleep at another) over concerns they have over the party).

This is a vital time for the borough. With a projected population of 250,000 in the next twenty years,there is an opportunity for a gleaming city and the problem of a potential concrete ghetto. It needs to be in capable hands and not arrested personalities whose emotional maturity has not developed since the primary school.

Garry/Amanda..sort it out……Oh…you don’t get on……………….

John/Carl…sort it out……….oh…you neither……

Boris? Lord Hanningfield? Tattoo John……………

Oh and…er..just one more thing…… for the smoking gun of the Tory minutes…we’ll wait until April……..


  1. When this story was posted on a national Labour Party supporters site they dismissed the claims of a BNP/Tory pact as insane ramblings as they all know if any Conservative Councillor had any form of pact they would be kicked out of the party as quick as one of Terry Hipsey’s famous jokes.

    Perhaps the local Labour Party should stop their inane ramblings of BNP/Tory pacts and take a long hard look at themselves and ask why more and more Labour supporters are now voting and supporting the BNP?


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