Saturday, December 2, 2023

So Thats’ Where It All Goes..

THE GOOD ladies of Bulphan WI went on a tour of the Rainham Recycling Plant in the company of Thurrock Council 1-2-3 Guru Sharomn Pritchard.

The first three weeks delivering new recycling wheelie bins to homes across Thurrock has already given around 50,000 residents a chance to recycle thousands of tons of valuable material which would otherwise have gone to landfill for disposal.

There are now over 20,000 homes with three bins in the borough and the roll out will continue through the next couple of months so the new scheme is fully in place in time for Christmas.

Not all homes can accommodate three wheelie bins and some do not need all three as they cannot fill them every week.

Thurrock Council has worked with residents and so far 223 have been given blue recycling “sacks” instead of the blue wheelie bin and 64 residents have contacted the council to ask if they can share bins with their neighbours.

Cllr Mike Revell, Cabinet member for Environment, said: “The council has worked very hard to ensure residents who can’t have or don’t need all three bins are looked after.

“The vast majority of people welcome the opportunity to recycle more and most homes can cope with the new bins.

“However, we know that some can’t and we have always said that the council will work with residents to arrive at a solution which works for both themselves and the council.”


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