Monday, May 27, 2024

Free Darcy

Darcy, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s search and rescue dog, will have to spend six months in quarantine after going to Indonesia to carry out life saving search and rescue work.

Many believe that rescue dogs should be exempt from the quarantine laws. Six months imprisonment does not seem like a fitting reward for a dog which has worked abroad to try and save lives.

Darcy has been part of the Essex Fire Service Rescue team for some considerable time now and has just been to Indonesia to look for victims of the earthquake.

Brentwood Firefighter John Ball who is Darcy’s handler and travelled with the four year old dog abroad wants quarantine laws changed. Darcy has to spend 6 months in a Colchester kennel which means she can not be used for any further emergencies until then.

If you would like to support the Free Darcy campaign then you can on Facebookdarcy1

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