Monday, September 25, 2023

Grays School: Out of Special Measures

THERE WAS a tremendous sense of celebration at Grays School and Media Arts College last week as they celebrated coming out of special measures.

YourThurrock has made several films celebrating and chronicling the achievement but we thought we would start with the Headteacher Lynn Ibeji.

Credit where credit is due. The Local Authority and the Board of Governors were charged with the task of finding a Head who could lead the school out from the dreaded label of failing school. They also had the task of attaining more than 30% A* to C at GCSE (inc English and Maths). Both targets were achieved under the stewardship of Mrs Ibeji whose direct style, clear vision, zero tolerance approach has led the school onward and upwards.

Congratulations, Grays School.


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