Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Pixelwork…Summer Report

IT has been a busy summer for the good people of Pixelwork. There work has been local, with a number of excellent ventures in the borough as well as global, working on the New York based Explorers Club.

For further details go to www.pixelwork.com

Here’s what they have to say:

“Against all the odds we’ve just finished our busiest summer on record, we’ve produced some great sites and have a whole host of on & off line projects lined up for the autumn and winter.

The UK site for the British Chapter of the Explorers Club, Sir Ranulph Fiennes even emailed us. How cool is that ? Feedback has been great.

Amnesty International: A print job for a great international cause, something that always enhances our creativity.

A Training DVD for youth workers, produced with a great group of local young people.

If you need your eyes tested you can’t get better service than from our friends Rose Opticians. A new site, photoshoot and brand refresh.

Some Flash work for a major international record label that we can’t talk about (doh!), some graphic design for a local country park and tons of stuff for the Royal Opera House. Here’s a taster of the design Kev has been producing. Working with their team we’ve had the opportunity to pull out all the creative stops and really cut loose !


Oodles of the stuff. A bunch of video virals and films, some more design & illustration work for the Royal Opera House, working with the Thurrock Development Corporation on some exciting new projects, a new e-commerce site for the guys at Sugarrays, a re-design of the NY based Explorers Club main site, a new climate change website…Oh! we could go on and on !!!


Photography is back ! We’re all pretty much fed up working with cheesy stock photography and believe that real design needs real photos, so we’ve recently talked some of our clients into commissioning their own photography and it’s made us remember just how powerful and personal a medium photography can be when commissioned for a specific purpose.

Steve Howse did some great shots for us for Rose Opticians, check them out on their site, his people work is great and he really captured the personality of Simon and his team!

We’re loving Megan Townley-Wakelin’s work, it has a real Sam Abell feel about it. A great reportage / photojournalistic style, this girl is going places.

We also work with Rupert Jefferson, the indomitable Mike Hill (where’s your website Mike?) and John Barlow, all great photographers in their respective fields of portrait and advertising (and Matt’s even been known to dabble in underwater stuff) so we’ve got the whole photographic remit (you just never know when you’re going to need that photo of a nudibranch).


Last week we had the opportunity to visit the Explorers Club HQ in Manhattan and the exclusive members only Trophy Room on the top floor, they were even brave enough to let a boisterous 7 year old run amok in there..They won’t forget that in a hurry !

That’s all folks !

…see you next time and remember, as many of you already are, you can
keep up with our comings and goings via RSS, Flickr, Linked In and Twitter.

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