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Thurrock’s Ghetto?

YOU MAY find it hard to pick up what Tony O’Driscoll is saying but his predicament is clear.

He lives in Pilgrims Lane, just by the Sainsburys roundabout in Chafford Hundred. Tony lost his legs in an accident at Limehouse Station in 2007 .

His family provided a make shift temporary ramp to his caravan, He cannot use his outside washing or toilet facilities because they are not disabled friendly. He is confined to his wheelchair.

Labour claim that nothing has happened to improve his quality of life.

They cite that due to the inadequate facilities, Tony needs to use toilet facilities so he has to negotiate the “Sainsburys” roundabout on the A1306.

The roundabout has no safe pedestrian or cyclist access since the traffic lights were turned off. Labour claim that Tony “takes his life in his hands every time he wants to use the loo.”

Chair of Thurrock Labour, Carl Morris said: “I have been involved with this case since June 2009 via the office of Andrew Mackinlay, we were contacted out of sheer exasperation as absolutely no progress had been made over the previous 6 months. I have been waiting 13 weeks for action the family have been waiting two years.”

“Despite meeting with the Interim Chief Executive and the Interim Head of Housing in June, all I have heard since is excuses and promises of action that have not been kept.

“The Council corporately should have a deep sense of shame at the way it handled this case. As of today he is no nearer to having the work done that will improve his quality of life than he was when he returned home last Christmas Eve from what was a tragic and life changing accident; that is just not good enough.”

Thurrock Council have responded. A spokesperson said: “The council has been working closely with Mr O’Driscoll and his family for many months seeking to find an agreed way forward.

“There have been a wide range of issues which we have needed to resolve. We have also been exploring all the housing options available with the family to seek to identify the best and most effective way to address this resident’s needs.

“We have also been assessing the need for other adaptation work required to Mr O’Driscoll’s current home.

“The council is continuing to work to identify the best way forward and to address funding issues so that the necessary work can be completed as soon as possible.”


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