Saturday, December 2, 2023

Mushley: For My People

IT IS a fine album, go and get it on I-Tunes. Mushley isn’t a grime artist as such. His work is much smoother, less edgier and has some great melodies. We particularly like this track called “For My People” so we thought we would have a little wander around the streets of Grays.


  1. Why do you spoil this excellant site by pushing rubbish like Mushley and keep talking to Tatoo John. You must be short of news to include this tripe

  2. Percy, I’m guessing that like me you are the wrong side of 40. To my generation, growing up on songs that had a melody and words that could be understood, I too find it difficult to appreciate this kind of music, (for want of a better word). However the kids of today seem to like it, so I will take a chill pill and put on my Mantovani record. Live and let live

    Looking forward to the next chapter of Tatoo John….


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