Monday, December 4, 2023

Peter and the Wheelie Bins

You will be well aware that the council is distributing “wheelie bins” throughout the borough like confetti at a wedding. The council says it widely consulted the public i.e you, and received an overwhelming positive response to the “wheelie bin” policy. I cannot recall being consulted nor have I met anyone else who has.

I believe the council were selective as to whom they consulted and the areas in which they carried out their consultations.

At full council meetings held on the 23rd September and 21st October 2009, I raised some questions regarding the councils “wheelie bin” policy and the effect it is having on the disposal of waste. I put the questions to Cllr Michael Revell who informs me he loves his wheelie bins and that they are the answer to all the problems of waste disposal in Thurrock.

Whilst I am not opposed to the recycling of waste in an “environmentally friendly” way and I believe most of the public are of the same opinion I feel the council is guilty of rushing into this “wheelie bin” solution without proper planning.

I was unable to present all my concerns at the meetings as there is limited time available and the public is restricted to asking questions so I take this opportunity of asking Councillor Revell to respond to the following:-

“I believe that you and the council claim that there was and still is overwhelming support from the public for the introduction of “wheelie bins” throughout the Borough.

Would you care to explain how this claim is justified especially taking account of recent readers letters to the local press expressing their views there seems to be a majority of 4 to1 who are dissatisfied with the Council’s “wheelie bin” policy which, if reflected across the borough, indicates that only a quarter of residents are satisfied with the council’s policy surely, even you, cannot claim that to be a ringing endorsement.

I ask because I have been approached by many members of the public who, like me, could not recall being asked to comment on the council’s plans and are of the opinion that the Council’s policy to swamp the borough with “wheelie bins” as a solution to the disposal of waste is flawed and is a waste of council tax payers money.

No serious thought appears to have been given as to the number of bins required an arbitrary figure of 3 per dwelling seems to have been arrived at, or to the cost of providing that number of bins which I believe stands at over 2 million pounds so far.

It would also seem that no consideration has been given to the problem as to where residents are going to site the bins, especially those in flats and maisonettes, and the difficulties for the elderly and disabled in placing the bins on the pavements outside their dwelling for collection.

Unlike the sought after and carefully selected public opinions used in your publicity material the opinions expressed to me were spontaneous. I have more questions I would like answers to regarding “wheelie bins” as, no doubt, have many more members of the public”.

If you have questions or comments you would like to make regarding wheelie bins and the Council’s policy please do so to


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