Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Wasted Opportunity for Thurrock

The Government has poured more than £100m worth of funding into overhauling Essex’s waste infrastructure.

The money will be split between Essex County Council and the unitary authority of Southend.

Although Thurrock, will receive nothing.

Southend and the surrounding county, excluding Thurrock, creates approximately 780,000 tonnes of waste a year and recycled 43% of it last year (2008 to 2009).

The deal, which is a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) but will be entirely funded by the Government, aims to create the infrastructure to divert 185,000 tonnes of biodegradable municipal waste from landfill per year by 2020.

It’s also aims to create up to 80 jobs during construction and 43 posts when the plant is operational.

Minister for rural affairs and the environment minister, Dan Norris, said: “Making better use of our waste and reducing our reliance on landfill is an essential part of the drive to tackle climate change. I welcome the ambitious commitment made by this partnership.

“The partnership will create a real incentive for the local authorities and industry to work together to reduce waste and create jobs, as well as reducing the environmental impact of landfill.”


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