Thurrock Music Services Boss Slams Education Chief

WHAT WILL your early years be like as an aspiring rock musician? Playing to half empty halls is one of the rites of passage.

Thurrock Music Services (TMS) are preparing the borough’s next top rock stars for this soul destroying experience as the “Bands of Tomorrow” concert played out to an audience where it seemed the band members out-numbered the audience.

Back in february, YourThurrock sat down with several members of the TMS and offered to film and showcase the work that they do.

They explained that they are waiting for a filming policy to be written by Thurrock Council.

Nine months later, we are still waiting.

Assistant Director Roy Dignum explained: ” The education bosses haven’t done it. Until then we have to ban filmed media from our shows.

“I don’t know who the education boss is but it is their fault.”

YourThurrock explained to Mr Dignum that the Director is Jo Olsson.

A source close to Thurrock Council told YourThurrock: “They have been given permission slips and it has all been explained to them.

“(TMS) have let countless publicity opportunities slip through their fingers.It is like banging your head on a brick wall.”

“Perhaps when there funding shrinks, they will realise they should have made more of an effort.”

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