Saturday, September 30, 2023

Purfleet Transformation Given Green Light.

THE PROPOSAL for the multi-million pound regeneration scheme to transform the heart of Purfleet has been announced by the Secretary of State for the Department of Communities John Denham.

The proposed scheme, covering the whole of the centre of Purfleet, could see up to an estimated £750 million invested through a joint public/private sector partnership in a new centre, with about 3,500 new homes built and 1,141 new jobs created.

Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation will now start the process of identifying a suitable partner to jointly deliver the project which would see 59 hectares of contaminated brownfield land redeveloped to help provide a new community for existing residents and 5,000 additional people.

The proposal will provide a new heart for Purfleet, arranged around a public square with cafes and shops, a new rail station development and public transport interchange. The square is designed to be the heart of the community with a vibrant atmosphere, where people can feel safe to enjoy its mixture of shops, cafes, leisure and community facilities, day and night.

Plans for the transformation of Purfleet include:

A new centre focused around a public square, surrounded by cafes, shops and community facilities

Dedicated commercial and employment areas, away from the centre, designed to attract more businesses, investment and create approximately 1,100 new jobs

New primary school for 630 pupils, with increased playing fields and a direct route from the public square

New, larger health and community centre providing a wider range of healthcare

New supermarket and retail areas

Reconfigured rail station and new public transport interchange

New and improved routes between areas of Purfleet, enabling people to move around the village more easily by foot, bicycle and car

Segregated routes for industrial lorries and residential traffic

Around 3,500 new homes with an appropriate mix of private and affordable units

Newly accessible river front and public riverside space

Leisure areas including woodland, playing fields and parks.

Commenting on the proposals, Will McKee, Chairman of Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation said: “Purfleet is a flagship development for the Corporation and we are delighted that Government has agreed to support the Project.

“Our overall aim is to improve the quality of life, opportunities and amenities for the communities which make up Thurrock. In Purfleet, the community has welcomed our comprehensive proposals to regenerate and improve their part of the borough and this major cash injection will allow us to deliver these aims quickly and effectively.”


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