Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Council Leader Hits Back at MP

FAR from “defending” the budget proposals, Council Leader Garry Hague and Deputy Leader Amanda Arnold go on the front foot in the second part of our exclusive interview.

Cllr Hague expands on the issues and challenges for Thurrock in 2009 and beyond.

The population growth, an aging population are just two of the challenges but also the promises of skills, jobs and investment that come with new partners here and on the horizon.

The key card Thurrock Council hold is the new team that have come in: New Directors such as Director Children’s Services, Jo Olsson and Head of Legal Services Tazmin Shawcatt illustrate that they can attract new staff. But if this new tranche of executive staff do not last or stay then that will be the tipping point for the council and it could be finally farewell Unitary borough.

A key question is whether they can slowly eradicate the exorbitant costs of consultants and agency staff.

The interview covered other challenges such as the communications strategy, the role of the East Thurrock councillors and the ramifications for the May council elections.

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