Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thurrock’s Christmas World Record Breaker!

By Lucy Chipperfield

Volunteers from VInvolved have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to break a new world record for the longest letter of wishes written to Father Christmas. Each wish costs a pound and they need 500 wishes to break the current record of 499 wishes. All of the money raised from this challenge will be donated to Children in Need.

VInvolved volunteers, Bradley Doran and Nick Buckley, took the time to talk to YourThurrock about their latest challenge and what it is like to be a volunteer dressed as a Christmas tree and an elf!

I am a strong supporter of the VInvolved scheme and the amazing opportunities it provides for young people. A big congratulations has to go to Tracey and Anne who work incredibly hard to promote the VInvolved scheme, and who are constantly changing the lives of youngsters throughout Thurrock. They are simply amazing!

The volunteers and their world record challenge will be at Grays Town Centre next Saturday. So go on, get involved, donate a pound, make a wish and enjoy the festive fun! You know you want to.


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