Thursday, December 7, 2023

Labour Chief Slams Budget

Thurrock Conservatives have been slammed for turning the Council’s finances into a “complete shambles” by a senior Councillor.

Labour Group Leader Councillor John Kent made his remarks after a special meeting to discuss the Council’s Budget crisis set for 9 December was cancelled.

Councillor John Kent said:

“Thurrock Council’s finances and this whole budget process is a complete shambles. The financial crisis engulfing the Council seems to be getting worse each day.

“Just a month ago, Conservative Councillors agreed to consult on a £6Million a package of cuts and charges as part of next year’s budget setting process. They even announced a special meeting to ask councillors to rubber stamp these proposals.

“Tory Councillors have been forced to admit the situation is much worse and abandoned their own process! They’ve been forced to cancel the December meeting to buy more time to find the additional £3million worth of cuts they need for next year.

“Instead they now plan to plunder Council reserves. Taking £2Miilion now to spend this year and look to take a further £4m to balance the budget next March.

“The incompetence of Thurrock Conservatives is now plain for all to see and the effects of it will be felt by every one as they implement damaging cuts to important front line services.

“For some the effect may be even more devastating as council workers pay for this Conservative council’s cash crisis with their jobs”.

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