Saturday, February 24, 2024

South East Masterplan Published

The Master Plan proposes an expansion of the Port of Tilbury, the reconnection of Tilbury to the riverside, improved leisure facilities, a regional park and new publically accessible open space at Tilbury Marshes and a new public square in the centre of Chadwell St Mary.

The publication coincides with release by the Government for public consultation of the National Policy Statement on Ports which seeks to ensure that UK ports remain competitive whilst securing good design. These accord with the Master Plan.

The Masterplan proposals would see the Port of Tilbury move some of its quayside activities to other land near the Port. This will help to retain existing jobs and to create new ones. This will also enable the implementation of the Tilbury Riverfront proposals which will provide approximately 800 new homes, shops, open space and improved connections to Tilbury Fort.

Bata Industrial Estate will be redeveloped and the Bata Shoe Company’s listed buildings restored. The original 1933 factory complex is in a poor state of repair. Guidance is provided for the re-use and regeneration of this important estate. The redevelopment will provide new homes and jobs and will secure the long term future of the buildings.

Mucking Country Park will provide a recreational area open from dawn until dusk, with access suitable for people of a wide range of physical ability. Key attractions will include walks, educational facilities for local children and hides from which to watch the many different bird species that use the surrounding area.

A Development Corporation spokesperson said: “We are delighted to announce the publication of the South East Thurrock Master Plan, which not only provides additional jobs but also provides a new regional park and enables the towns and villages of the area to thrive.

“The historic link to the River Thames enjoyed in Tilbury will be re-established and will provide a new riverfront development of homes, shops and leisure facilities.”


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