Police Get Tough on A13

Essex Police and the Casualty Reduction Board have begun a large scale operation aimed at tackling drink-driving on the A13.

The A13 suffers from the highest number of people killed or seriously injured from road traffic collisions, with 58 recorded cases in 2008. During the run up to Christmas it is anticipated that this road will become busier, with more hazards and an increase in motorists who have had an alcoholic drink.

In a bid to raise awareness of the potential dangers of this road, Essex Police has teamed up with the Casualty Reduction Board to carry out a full day of intense and highly visible patrols over the entire road.

Supporting this, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service will lead an event at Lakeside Shopping Centre which will see a large number of fire officers, road safety officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) engaging with members of the public to educate them about the potential dangers of this road.

Essex Police Casualty Reduction Manager, Adam Pipe said of the activity: “Today with the excellent support of Essex Fire & Rescue service we will be focusing on a robust approach to enforcement and education around those who use the A13 whilst under the influence of drink. Our colleagues from Essex Fire & Rescue will be delivering a road safety message to Lakeside shoppers whilst Essex Police will be out patrolling the roads around Lakeside and along the A13 through to Southend-on-Sea.

“The A13 remains our key priority and with our partners we are determined to improve motorist’s behaviour along the route. Initial indications are starting to show that our work to date is having a positive impact.”
Motorists will be urged to take extra care over Christmas and reminded that there is no safe ‘Drink Drive’ limit. The advice is clear: don’t drink and drive.

Essex Police would like to encourage anybody who knows of someone they suspect of regular drink driving to call 0300 333 44 44 or dial 999 if the situation calls for more urgent action.

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