Mackinlay Wants Answers on Dartford Crossing

THURROCK MP Andrew Mackinlay demanded answers from The Chief Secretary, Liam Byrne on the question of privatisation of the Dartford Crossing.

The transcript and film of the debate can be seen below.

“You will remember-and you will, too, Mr. Speaker-that about six weeks ago, I asked him about this crackpot proposal to privatise the Thurrock Dartford crossing. I asked how it was going to be done and what his brief said, and he held up a blank sheet of paper. He will understand why I am irritated. What is the answer to my question of six weeks ago, and how is he going to do it, bearing in mind that tolling is only allowed under the European directive as a mechanism against congestion? It is not a cash register for the Treasury. How does he propose to sell this and offer the purchaser some return? I just do not understand it; it is crackpot-daft.

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