Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thurrock Council: Moving on Up?

WE HAVE already looked at the details of the Audit Commission’s Comprehensive Area Assessment. In many ways it is already out of date however it is what a council will be judged upon. The two red flags on “Community Cohesion” and “Educational Attainment” will cause grave concern.

With the first part, much will depend on the new Director of Childrens’ Services, Jo Olsson. As for Community Cohesion: budget cuts wont help but nor will having a lot of your events during the day.

At the same time, the report failed to give enough praise to the wonderful T-Fest nor acknowledge the work of the Youth and Connexions Service in their music work especially the Livewire project.

The report praises the leadership team and it is clear to many that Bob Coomber’s stewardship in partnership with Garry Hague and Amanda Arnold plus able support from Cllrs Sue MacPherson, Barry Johnson and Tunde Ojetola make for a remarkable partnership and one that may well lead Thurrock for the next few years away from choppy waters and into calmer seas.

We interviewed Deputy Leader Amanda Arnold to analyse the fine details of the report.


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