Sunday, December 10, 2023

AFC Hornchurch 2 -1 Aveley

It was a case of déjà vu really: Same teams, same awful playing surface and a controversial official plus a late penalty to seal the fate of a team

Rod Stringer, again forced to watch the game from the stand, could only watch in horror as his side conceded another penalty in the last few minutes of the game. The football was secondary in this hard fought battle between the local rivals.

The referee must have got book tokens for xmas as he saw fit to book six Aveley and three Hornchurch players for offences ranging from slightly moving the ball prior to a free kick to decapitation in the last third of the pitch. Again the crowd went away talking about the referee rather than the football.

Last week Hornchurch officials complained about the Mill Field Rd playing surface and this time the situation was reversed. Laughably, the Hornchurch website called the pitch “near perfect”. A comment which Aveley officials will contend.

Oh yes the football. A dull first half with skill levels at a minimum which got slightly better in the second half . Jo Flack opened the scoring after good work from Jamie Dormer in the 60th minute. Aveley replied through Ryan Edgar after a Johnson cross from a free kick.
Then in the 85th minute the penalty decision. Rod says no way ,Jimmy a stonewall penalty.

They can do it all again when they meet in a cup match in two weeks time

Film to follow



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