Sunday, December 10, 2023

First Move By Jackie in Election Year.

Prospective Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price has heralded 2010 as the year of change.

Jackie said, “I wish everyone in Thurrock all the best for 2010. We have had a difficult time and we face continued economic pressure, this year we will have the opportunity to put an end to all this.

“At the General election, the people of Thurrock will be faced with a clear choice: to embrace change under David Cameron’s Conservatives or continue with economic failure under Labour.

“Gordon Brown claimed to have abolished boom and bust – the fact is that we will all be paying for Labour’s mistakes for a long time. We face an unprecedented debt crisis – National debt has quadrupled and the Government deficit this year is more than we raise annually in income tax.

“Restoring economic prosperity will require tough choices but we Conservatives are determined to deliver the change necessary to rebuild our economy.

“Gordon Brown has allowed this country to live on the never-never for too long – and as we all know – the longer we leave debt to increase, the more painful it becomes to pay it off.

“Conservatives will not be irresponsible with your money. We will not spend what we cannot afford. No one can afford another Labour Government.

“We have the opportunity this year to make sure we don’t have to.”


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