Friday, December 8, 2023

Brown Plotters Slammed by Thurrock MP

A THURROCK MP has slammed his fellow MP’s who have demanded a secret ballot to challenge the leadership of Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

MP’s Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt attempted to drum up support among Labour MP’s.

Andrew Mackinlay said: “I have nothing but disdain for people who operate in this way.

“This has been a very good week for the government and the country. Indeed, we had the good news regarding DP World, so we can do without these idiotic diversions.

“The truth is and I have heard this from the public, who have a tremendous sense of fair play, that the sympathy for Gordon Brown may well pay dividends.


  1. I feel that Mr Mackinlay may be a bit delusional if he feels the Gordon Brown or the Labour Party have a hope in hells chance of winning the next election, they have bought this country to financial ruin, the party took us into a war on a fabrication, immigration is at an all time high and is running out of control, the health service is falling apart, teachers are no longer left to teach as they keep changing the goal posts, policing is so full of Political Correctness that those who break the law are no longer bought to justice.

  2. Because most people think the way you do Lambo, you are probably right about the next election. However to blame the government for the credit crunch or financial ruin as you put it is quite clearly absurd. The credit crunch was started by greedy bankers who did not understand what they were doing and bought the whole world into financial ruin – a Tory government could have done nothing to prevent it either.

    The Iraq war was given the full backing of the Tory government also – with the benefit of hindsight both parties were wrong, so again not entirely the fault of this government. As for the health service, education,, policing and political correctness, well this has been happening for decades now and will probably never to sorted out whoever is in power.

  3. The Doove, you are correct regarding the current credit crunch and I agree that the greedy bankers bought this on, however, if you look at the amount of borrowing that the current Government have made then we were already in teh start of financial crisis before the bankers made their move.

    As for the Tory govenment giving te full backing of the Iraq war, this was given on the data that Tony Blair presented to the house at the time, which were a total fabrication of the truth and something that he and the Bush administration put together to get regime change through on their terms.

    Yes things have been happening for decades but not as fast as the last decade, whoever gets into power following this failed government has certainly got it’s work cut out as it will take possibly another decade to straighten things out.

  4. I don’t think the borrowing taken on by this government is responsible for interest rates being at an all time low, redundancies on a massive scale with families losing their homes in such big numbers. The cost in human misery is unquantifiable. All governments need to borrow, it’s a fact of life, and I do not believe that what Brown & Co were borrowing before the credit crunch was excessive.

    The dodgy dossier on Iraq was, I agree, a step too far. and maybe the WMD was not the reason Blair and Bush chose to go to war, but you cannot deny that Saddam was a completely evil man and for the sake of world peace had to be dealt with before he could muster up his evil plans to dominate the world. Nobody could be sure whether or not he did have WMDs, so the government took the view that it would be better not to take the risk and pre-empted any future problems that may occur.

    I think you are being a trifle optimistic about it taking another decade to sort things out in the health and education service, this government came to power 13 years ago and they are still trying to sort out the mess that was left under the Major regime, I would be delighted if the government, of whichever hue, can finally give us a country where our children are all educated to a high standard whatever school they attend, and that waiting lists in hospitals are down to a month at the most.

    Unfortunately, we are not living in a perfect world. If we were the likes of MC would have nothing to write about – although he does come up with the odd, “good news”, story.


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