Thursday, February 22, 2024

Rape Crisis Thank Russell Brand

THURROCK based South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre (SERICC) celebrated its 25th Anniversary at Orsett Hall with 50 friends and supporters in late December.

A spokeswoman said “We were delighted when Russell Brand donated the funds to enable SERICC to have a ‘proper’ party with entertainment – a great time was had by all”

From 1981 to 1984 a small group of women ranging in age from 16 to 30, formed Thurrock Women’s Action Group (TWAG). One of the lasting outcomes of TWAG’s many actions was the setting up of two registered charities: Thurrock Women’s Refuge and South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Line. Both organisations are thriving to this day and continue to meet the needs of hundreds of women and girls every year experiencing gendered violence, needs that still remain marginalised and minimised.

A spokeswoman said “25 years on, we offer wholehearted thanks to SERICC’s volunteers, management committee members and all SERICC staff, whose energy and commitment has seen us through the ‘rough times’ and who continue to tirelessly contribute to the work and direction of the organisation and whose vision and unwavering dedication have nurtured our organisation and ensured its survival. It is thanks to them that we are still here today full of energy and ready for the struggles ahead , Collectively SERICC have 243 years of experience and commitment to women’s issues – which is something to be very proud of.”

“ SERICC would like to thank Flying Doc, Quest, Klair, for the music. Costco, Lakeside Shopping Centre, The Headroom Hairdressers, Thurrock Women’s Aid, Quirkish Delight Comedy Improvisation Group and private individuals who donated raffle prizes,and Orsett Hall for their generosity and of course, Russell Brand “



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