Sunday, October 1, 2023

New Sub Post Office for Orsett

After Sue and Dave Parkin retired from running the main village post office last year, the future looked bleak for Orsett residents.

Pensioners and e-bayers would now have to traipse further afield to do their business.

But step forward their knight in shining armour, the owner of Orsett Stores, Paul Wakeling.

Paul has taken the difficult decision to open a sub post office inside his busy shop. Now he’s not daft. The shop operates in “Arkwright” fashion, ie: open all hours and sells virtually everything . The post office should seriously increase it’s trade and of course, whilst you are there, you might as well buy….

On the downside, others before him have tried and failed in similar operations, but we can only wish him the best of luck. It will be up to Orsett villagers to support this new venture.

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