Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Luz Tacon: A Spirit Leaves Us

YourThurrock reporters would be walking down the street, usually late for the next assignment when Luz would spot us, wave, grab us, plant two kisses on each cheek and say: “Mike, our lunch is next monday. You must come and film. Promise me you will. I will ring you.”

A day before the lunch, she would ring and remind. Sure enough, come monday at 1pm, we would get down to the Beehive and film a news item.

You would spy Luz in the middle of the Trust meeting or buzzing about between the Thurrock Asian Association and the council offices.

She was an advocate for good, a force for harmony. The last time I saw her was in the youth court when she was helping four nepalese lads that had got into a spot of bother. It was quite a site to see these formidable young men being led by the arm by this diminutive woman.

I can’t write an obituary that charts dates, times, lineage and fact. All i can pay my respects to is a woman’s spirit and the impact she left on a community.


  1. I have just read this with much shock and sadness. Luz was one of the most committed people to any cause that needed a helping hand I have ever met. She is a great loss to our community and to the many people who loved and respected her.
    A very very sad day. Rest in peace Luz, and if they truly give wings to good people, she will fly high xxxx


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