Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Mackinlay/Smith: Second Home Repayment Published

SIR Thomas Legg’s commission has ruled on the amount that MP’s must repay from their second home expenses claims.

Thurrock MP, Andrew Mackinlay has repaid £792.84 while South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Angela Smith has repaid £1,428.84 and, according to the figures, has £395.81 outstanding.

In his report Sir Thomas pointed out there had been a “culture of deference” to MPs by expenses officials and “no audit of any kind” of second homes expenses during the period he covered.


  1. A total of over £1m has been paid back from the greedy fat cats who run this country, and people are complaining about the bankers bonuses.

    Having read the report and the details of what these MP’s can claim for it is a disgrace, TV licences, bedside furniture, home improvement’s etc, why can’t they pay for this stuff out of their salary like the rest of us workers?

    I only hope that the Sir Thomas Legg commission rulings will stop this for good but I think that once the furore has died down they will be back with their noses in the troughs, how can the electorate trust these people ever again

  2. Looks like 3 Labour MP’s and 1 Tory Peer will now face charges under the Theft act, wonder why it is so few that will face these charges???

  3. bloody disgusting, a benefit fraud gets worse treatment yet a benefit fraud, (whilst i do not condone this) is desperate for money, we vote for these numpties, fat cat greedy people who give little with their high moral crap , yet are stealing from those who put their faith in them, living a good life, while Thurrock suffers as poor under privelidged society. and what happened to all the handouts? where is the rejuvination?, where are the promises made?, and who stole the funding for Thurrock to put into the olympic pot? well done Thurrock Council. your doing a grand job….not!


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