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Grays Ath “Ban” Presentation to Legend

IN A recent poll, organised by Grays Athletic Supporters Trust, former skipper Jamie Stuart was named as “Player of the Decade”.

The Trust bought a special trophy and planned to present it to Stuart today (saturday) as he is captain of visitors, Rushden and Diamonds.

The announcement on the fans forum website that the presentation would take place was greeted with great enthusiasm, with many fans, who had stayed away (for a variety of reasons) eager to turn up to see their hero receive the accolade.

It is understood that one young lad was selected to fulfill his dream and meet the man the fans call “The Master”.

But YourThurrock now understands that Vice-Chairman Andy Swallow told Trust Chairman John Taylor “in no uncertain terms” that the ceremony will not take place.

Sources close to the Trust have told YourThurrock that the “foul mouthed rant” from Swallow left loyal fan Mr Taylor so shocked and upset that he will no longer be attending any more games with his young sons and is considering resigning from the Trust.

YourThurrock contacted Mr Taylor but he did not want to comment.

Fans have reacted with shock and anger at the news.

Graysingrays said: “My son, who is ten, was supposed to be presenting the trophy to JS with Parker and was really looking forward to it – just proves that you are never too young to be let down by The Ath.”

Tulip: “This would have been a good PR exercise, something that is desperately needed. I have never known so many fans, most of whom have been going to watch the Ath for many years, not bothering to go this season.It’s not because the team are playing crap, it’s because of behind the scenes issues and they way in which the club is currently being run.”

Grays Athletic are second from bottom of the Blue Square Premier.

Grays Athletic indicated on November 22nd last year that none of the management, players and staff were to be approached for interviews. YourThurrock has duly complied and so have not approached them for a comment however, should they wish to, they are welcome to contact us at yourthurrock@mac.com.


  1. I cannot believe what I am reading, Jamie Stuart was a loyal servant to Grays Athletic Football Club and was a true fans favourite whilst at the club and recieved many awards from the fans during his tenure.

    It would seem that the club may have made a mistake in not allowing this presentation to take place, it is times like this when the club are desperate for supporters and this would have been seen as a great PR move for the club.

    I cannot understand why this has happened and am not going to even try to work out the reasons but it would be interesting to see what the Club has to say on this matter.

  2. If the Trust told the full detail of the conversation with the vice chairman they would relise the most important part has been missed which was the possiblilty of administration. The Vice Chairman had secured sufficient investment to keep the club afloat but the Trust seemed more interested in giving Jamie Stuart his award before the game even though his current Club as well as our club (not vice chairman) didnt think it was appropriate. if the Trust wanted to present the Award after the game in the bar there was no objection as this nothing to do with Grays Athletic. on the Friday Martin from the Trust approached the Vice Chairman who agrred they could do what they wanted as long as they sorted things directly with Jamie, they declined this offer and told the Vice Chairman the Trust had declined this offer. TheVice Chairman has spoken to numerous fans and only met one person (martin from the trust) that didnt agree with his decision. It’s very easy to go on forums and websites but why not speak to the Vice Chairman face to face at homes games as te rest of the fans do.
    The club as nothing to hide on this and stands by their decision, no one player is greater than Grays Athletic FC


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