Tuesday, September 27, 2022

No Masts for Chafford

LEADING COUNCILLORS have joined members of the public in calling for a ban on the erection of two phone masts in Chafford Hundred.

Chafford resident Tracy Law discovered that O2 and Vodafone are preparing to erect a 40 foot phone mast near to her home on Warren Lane.

Further investigation discovered another phone mast in Fenner Road.

Tracy is concerned regarding health issues as the masts are 3G and may emit higher amounts of radiation.

Because the masts are under 15 metres tall the phone company does not need planning permission to put them up, however, Thurrock Council can still block the masts if it has concerns about appearance and siting issues.

Residents have until February 10 to register their objection with the council.

Mrs Law has been supported by local Tory councillors including Council Leader Garry Hague who has joined the residents in calling for the Planning Dept to reject the application. They attended a meeting yesterday in Drake Road, which, although called at 24 hours notice, saw over 60 residents attend to express their concerns.

The petition can be found online at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/petition/715656309/

A campaign website has been launched at www.nomastsonchafford.org.


  1. Interesting facts regarding Mobile Masts:

    “The mast communicates on a two-way basis with a set of phones in its zone. There are typically a dozen channels and four time-slots, so in effect the actual total power is fifty times that of a phone. But because of the inverse-square law, the bottom line is this: If your head is seven times further away from a mobile phone mast than it is from a phone, you are being bombarded by more radiation from the phone than from the mast!

    So, if you are right underneath a mobile phone mast in a school playground, you are probably 40ft from the mast aerial, but if you use a mobile phone anywhere at all, you’ve got the phone right near your head, which is very considerably nearer than 7 times.

    So, if phone masts are dangerous, then using a mobile phone is reckless and lethal.”

    So I assume that these people who are complaining about the health aspects rather than the aesthetics of a mast near their homes do not own or use a mobile?


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