Monday, May 27, 2024

Rate Your Rates!

BUSINESSES in Thurrock are being urged by Essex FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) to check their business rate bills to make sure they are accurate.

Essex FSB spokesman for Thurrock, Ross Bannister, said: “The Business Rates bills which are currently arriving through the letter boxes of Thurrock businesses are based on new rateable values which come into force from 01 April 2010.

“We know from FSB members elsewhere that checking those rateable values can bring big benefits as in some cases there have been errors in the calculations of the size of premises and the way different parts of a building are used.

“As different uses attract different rateable values it is important that these figures are checked and if there is an error that the Valuation Office is told so that adjustments can be made to the rating list.

“In today’s economic climate it is important that businesses keep costs under control and making sure they pay the correct business rates is one way of doing just that.

“More details are available from Essex FSB at www.fsb.org.uk/essex/policy/rates-revaluation and Essex FSB members can get free advice on how to challenge the rateable values from the 24/7 Legal Advice Line which gives unlimited access to any fully paid up member who is paying the annual subscription which starts at £120.”


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