Sunday, June 16, 2024

Labour Blast “Tory Disarray”

Thurrock Labour have slammed the Tories in the wake of the news that a leading backbencher has tabled a motion of no confidence in leader Garry Hague.

Chair of Thurrock Labour and PPC, Carl Morris said:

“This most recent attempted coup just confirms that Thurrock Tories on the Council are in total disarray and it is distracting from the important business of delivering top quality services for local residents.

“Coming on the back of last year’s defection to Labour of their former Council Leader, this shows a Tory Party that pays more attention to bitter internal disputes than it does to helping Thurrock residents.

“This chaos should be a warning to people of what might happen if they wake up with a Tory Government after the General Election- as always with the Tories, ordinary people get ignored and self-indulgent squabbles take top priority.”


  1. How has Mr Morris got the bottle to stand up and accuse the Tory’s of being in dissaray in local politics when his own party are responsible for the complete dissary of this country, he really nees to tak a reality check.


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