Sunday, December 10, 2023

Youth Cabinet Quiz

By Lucy Chipperfield

Quiz mania swept through the corridors of the Culver Centre last week thanks to the Thurrock Youth Cabinet and their brilliantly organised Quiz Night; all in aid of the Haiti relief effort.

An impressive amount of people came along to support the evening in the hope of being crowned Quiz Champion! Councillor Sue Gray was simply overwhelmed by the tremendous efforts shown by the Youth Cabinet having organised such a ‘fantastic and lovely evening’.

I think everyone would agree that this was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening. The Youth Cabinet did an amazing job organising the Quiz Night, and they should be incredibly proud of everything they have achieved. The combination of their enthusiastic personalities, dedicated attitudes and positive contributions to the community make them perfect role-models for everyone in Thurrock.

I can announce that the current total raised from the Quiz Night in aid of the Haiti relief effort is a staggering £370, and it is still rising!

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