Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Police Intervene in Tory Crisis Talks

AN EMERGENCY meeting of the Thurrock Conservative Group was curtailed last night after a suspect package was discovered in a phone box nearby.

The Tories had convened the crisis talks after Tory councillor Anne Cheale had tabled a motion of no-confidence in council leader and Portfolio Holder for Planning, Cllr Garry Hague.

But the package in a phone box outside Grays railway station saw an exclusion zone thrown around the area which included the council offices in New Road, Grays.

Cllr Hague had rushed back from Birmingham to gather his troops but it would appear that near to a third failed to show.

Of the twenty three Thurrock Tory councillors, the following were seen by YourThurrock entering the meeting.

Cllrs’ Amanda Arnold, Barry Johnson, Sue MacPherson, Tunde Ojetola, Ben Maney, Joy Redsell, Steven Veryard, Rob Gledhill, Eddie Hardiman, Danny Nicklen, John Cowell and  Maureen Pearce.

Notable absentees from the meeting included Cllr Cheale’s fellow ward councillor Ian Harrison as well as Chair of Planning, Stuart St-Clair Haslam and Orsett councillors Mike and Diane Revell.

YourThurrock contacted Cllr Harrison as to why he did not attend the meeting. He replied. “No comment”.

Other absentees have (at time of going to press) not returned our calls.

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  1. Why does the news of no shows to a council meeting suprise people, just look over the official statistics and you will see that quite a few do not attend meetings, only about a month ago didn’t the Labour party go missing on a meeting at the Civic Hall, I do wonder what we pay these people for if they cannot be bothered to attend meetings which could affect their constituents(sp)


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